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Rosicrucian Peace Conference Images
© 2004 Jacquelyn Paull

 1-Grand Master José Luis Aguilar Moreno, F.R.C.,          2-    Peter Bindon, F.R.C, Grand Master, English Language
of the Grand Lodge of the Spanish Language Jurisdiction     Jurisdiction for Australia, Asia, and New Zealand.
for the Americas. "The All is One - The One is All:             "Nature - Our Source and Being"
Fractal  Rose"

3- Grand Master Jean-Philippe Deterville.                    4-   Michal Eben, F.R.C., Grand Master, Grand Lodge of the
 “The Way To Peace”                                                       Czech and Slovakian Languages Jurisdiction. “Reflect
                                                                                          The Greater Light”

5-Grand Master Irène Beusekamp-Fabert, S.R.C.,                 6-   Irving Söderlund, F.R.C., Treasurer of the Supreme
of The Grand Lodge of the Dutch Language                             Grand Lodge of AMORC. "OM - Light, Love and
Jurisdiction.   "Nature's Harmony"                                           Peace to All Life"