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Rosicrucian Peace Conference Images Page 2                     © 2004 Jacquelyn Paull

7-  Christian Bernard, F.R.C., President and Imperator      8- Grand Master Sven Johansson, F.R.C., Grand Lodge
 of The Supreme Grand Lodge, Rosicrucian Order,               of the English Language Jurisdiction for Europe and
 A.M.O.R.C. "Peace Profound"                                              Africa, AMORC. "Meditation on The Creed of Peace"

8a- "Meditation on Peace" Center image only                  9-    Grand Master Live Söderlund, S.R.C., Grand Lodge
                                                                                             of the Scandinavian Languages Jurisdiction, AMORC
                                                                                             "God Is Love"

10 -Grand Master Maximilian Neff, F.R.C.,                       11-Symbolic of Opening Ceremony -
Grand Lodge of the German Language Jurisdiction,               “Colombes of Peace”
AMORC "Service" or "The Alchemy of Service"