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Rosicrucian Peace Conference Images Page 3            © 2004 Jacquelyn Paull

12 -   Grand Master Nikolaos Papadakis, F.R.C.,                   13 - Charles Parucker, F.R.C., Vice President of the
 Grand Lodge of the Greek Language Jurisdiction                        Supreme Grand Lodge and Grand Master
 "The White Rose of Peace"                                                         of The Portuguese Language Jurisdiction.

14 -   Grand Master Irene Regidor, S.R.C., of the Grand        15- Secretary of The Supreme Grand Lodge,
Lodge of the Spanish Language Jurisdiction for Europe            AMORC, Bernam Schaa, F.R.C. "Meditation
Africa, and Australasia. "Love is Reflected in Love"                on Tranquility"

16- Julie Scott, S.R.C., Grand Master of the Grand Lodge    17- Grand Master Serge Toussaint of the Juridiction
of the English Language Jurisdiction for the Americas.             Francophone, AMORC. "The Radiating Word
"Unity"                                                                                        of God"

17a - "The Word of God"                                              18 - Ukio George Yorioka, F.R.C., Grand Master of
Alternate for Serge Toussaint                                              the Grand Lodge of the Japanese Language Jurisdiction
                                                                                            "The Promise Fulfulled"