I was born and raised in San Francisco and still live in the Glen Park area.

I graduated from San Francisco State University with a major in Art with minors in History and Classical Archeology.
I have also taken classes in Continuing Education at California College of Arts and Crafts and The University of California Extension. They have included Air Brush, Carousel Horse Carving and several in Paper Marbling.

I enjoy Art History and have made many trips to Europe and 2 to Africa to enjoy the art and the people. My favorite place is Venice and I have a large number of books on this city, its history, art and architecture. I read voraciously from art, science, mysticism to mysteries (Elizabeth Peters especially) and the OZ books.

I have exhibited in many art shows including the following:

Kaiser Center Show on Carousel Art
Black Forest Show in Colorado
National Carousel Society Convention in Niagra Falls, NY
Yontville outdoor Art Show
One person show CAFE? in Glen Park, San Francisco 1994
One person show San Francisco Stamp Show
The San Francisco Art Commission's Capricorn Gallery: "Retrospectacle"
Hunters Point Open Studios Christmas Show 1996
New Age Renaissance Fair 1996 and Visionary Art Show 1996
Hunters Point Open Studios Spring 1997
Castro Street Fair 1997
New Age Renaissance Fair Visionary Art Show 1997
Hunters Point Open Studios May 2-3, 1998
American Carousel Society Convention - June 1998
Embarcadero Postal Center July - August 1998
One person show at "CAFE?" in San Francisco the month of August 1998.
Post postcard show San Francisco - August 1998
Embarcadero Postal Center August - November 1998
Christmas windows EPC and Civic Center Post Office
Embarcadero Postal Center November - January 1999
Danville Fine Arts Gallery "Fantastic Visions, Abstract and Surrealistic" January-Feburary 1999
Danville Fine Arts Gallery "Flora and Fauna" March 1999
Embarcadero Postal Center January 1999 to April 2000
Laguna Beach "Art-A-Fair" July - August 1999
ArtSpan's Open Studios October 1999
Laguna Beach "Art-A-Fair" July-August 2000
Embarcadero Postal Center July 2000 to September 2000
Upper Grant Avenue Fall Art Festival 2002, 2003 & 2004
The Rosicrucian 2004 Peace Conference 2004
The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose, CA -  January 2005 through March 15, 2005
ArtSpan Open Studios October 22-23, 2005 at the ArtExplosion

My artwork began with carousel animals and flowers and evolved into Space Scapes and then merged them together with Carousel animals finding themselves in fantasy settings. I have used them for subjects in holiday window paintings using a technique I developed which produces long-lasting but easily removable paintings on glass for holiday display. In 1996 I won First, Second and Third prizes from the Colma Chamber of Commerce for Chirstmas window display. I was awarded first prize in the "Safe Sex" button design contest in San Francisco.

I have done concept renderings for promoting the new Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and digital graphics projected behind the speakers for the Rosicrucian 2004 World Peace Conference in San Jose.

I have authored several coloring books for children of carousel animals, dinosaurs and of U.S. Postage Stamps for the Postal Service. Currently I have authored a children's book using the painting "Bokhara Takes A Ride" as the inspiration as well as completed a picture book called "The Penguin and The Rainbow". They are currently unpublished except as gifts.

I have been studying Sacred Geometry and the writings of the Mystics for the past 11 years. Many paintings have been based on this theme to create a focus for meditation and spiritual thought. Since 1999 I have created digital art using a graphics tablet, digital photography and paint and fractal programs. I am currently painting 36" square oils of egyptian themes inspired by Normandi Ellis' "Awakening Osiris", a translation of "The Book of Going Forth by Day" (the Book of the Dead).

I can be reached at:    Starfire Graphics/Stargate Studios
                                    P.O. Box 31091
                                   San Francisco, CA 94131-0091

                                    e-mail:   jacq@spiritcat.com

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