Pic of Bokara Takes A Ride a carousel Camel on a flying carpet
"Bokhara Takes A Ride"
Copyright 1998 Jacquelyn Paull

This is one of the recent fantasy carousel animals. This series is of carousel animals which are enjoying themselves in fantasy settings. Bokhara, a wise but adventurous camel, is taking a magic carpet ride over the rooftops, going only he knows where.

A book about Bokhara has just been finished and I am in the process of illustrating it.  Of course the cover image is our intrepid camel taking a riden on his flying carpet.

"Isis Takes A Walk"
Copyright 1998 Jacquelyn Paull
A female bactrian camel, named Isis, walks through symbols of the eternal.
Maybe she will meet Bokhara on his magic carpet one day.

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©2005 Jacquelyn Paull
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