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Current Exhibit at The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum includes these paintings and digital images:

Oil Painting on Canvas or Linen:
1 Title: “Bokhara Takes A Ride”  Medium: Oil on Linen  Size: 30" x 38"  Date: 1997   Description: A Bactrian Carousel Camel finds himself embarked on a fantasy journey on a magic carpet. Where do you think he is going?

2  Title: “Isis Takes A Walk”  Medium: Oil on Canvas  Size: 30" x 36"  Date: 1998  Description: Bedecked in Egyptian symbols, this little Bactrian Carousel Camel mysteriously comes forth to walk in the desert. Double shadows hint at a second light greater than the sun.

3 Title: “Moonrunners”  Medium: Oil on Canvas  Size: 30" x 24"  Date: 1996  Description: Carousel animals racing the moon. Looking out at us, and usually the symbol of transgression, the Goat is carried along by his companions to redemption. The butterfly-winged Soul is riding the eager Cat and the Moon-Angel the expectant Rabbit.

4  Title: “Trinity Rose”  Medium: Oil on Canvas  Size: 20" x 24" Date: 1994
Description: With a base of Sacred Geometry, the Cross folds up into a cube and the triangle of the three roses are symbolic of the trinities in many spiritual practices. The myriad of life is projected through the Light of God.

©2004 Jacquelyn Paull