5 Title: “Heaven’s Rainbow” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 14" x 18" Date: 1992 Description: Butterflies, the symbol of reincarnation, fly through heavenly rainbows.

6 Title: “Hmmm..Penguin Among Daffodils” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 12" x 24" Date: 1991
Description: A vintage Penguin Salt and Pepper shaker finds himself in a sunny spot among giant daffodils.

7  Title: “Over The Edge”  Medium: Oil on Canvas  Size: 24" x 20"  Date: 1988 Description: An over zealous bath toy bubbles over the edge of the tub.

8 Title: “Butterfly Mandala” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 16" x 16" Date: 1994 Description: A Rainbow of Butterflies forms a meditation Mandala. This was created specially to quiet the mind. The butterflies, symbolic of reincarnation, face inward toward the source.