9 Title: “Becoming” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 20" x 28" Date: 1993
Description: Symbolic of the movement of the two triangles of existence moving together through the alchemical chalice. The eye of God looks through the center of the rose.

10 Title: “Soul Flight” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 22" x 28" Date: 1995 Description: Symbolizing of the return to the source, butterfly winged souls, echoing the DNA helical, fly up to the Fibinocci spiral of the sunflower.  The Cockleshell of Santiago de Campostella symbolizes the Pilgrimage of all souls.

11 Title: “Time and The Turtle” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 20" x 24" Date: 1993 Description: The Turtle, slow but steady, presses on through the river of Time.

12 Title: “Rainbow Yin/Yang Mandala” Medium: Oil on Canvas Size: 20" x 20" Date: 2001 Description: A harmony of intensely colored butterflies and yin/yang symbols in a mandala.